With above average February and March temperatures its time to start thinking about summer and the upcoming co-ed volleyball season.

 In a brief conversation with a few others we would like to propose hosting league play on Thursday nights.  This would allow us to take advantage of other activities currently going on in the park on Thursday nights.  We are also looking to expand the league to between 10-12 teams which would allow us to offer games at 6 pm, 7 pm and possibly at Kim's volleyball court. 


Fee will again be $100 per team which will allow us to provide a few beverages each week and an end of the year cookout.  One thing we are asking this season is "No Carry ins" allowed in the park since the concession stand will be open for business.  We appreciate your support on this matter as we all strive to make improvements to this park and its activities.     


I look forward to a fun volleyball season!